You want to feel confident in conversation and sharing a meal with others, but your missing teeth can make this hard. At Nance Family Dental, we provide dentures to help build your confidence and allow you to comfortably live your life.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures replace missing teeth, whether you have lost all or just some of your teeth. Dentures are removable and come in two types: full or partial. They will feel differently from your natural teeth, but advances in dental technology mean that dentures are easier to wear than ever.

Advantages of Dentures

Dentures provide the following advantages:

You can eat more freely. Though you will need to avoid certain types of foods, dentures allow you to eat more of the food you enjoy.
You can speak more easily. Missing several teeth can make it hard to speak. Dentures fill in the empty spaces, so it’s easier to talk like you normally do.
Your appearance can improve. You may have noticed that missing teeth can make the face sag, but dentures can counter this effect. Also, dentures can be created to look just like your original teeth.
You can build confidence. With all of the benefits of dentures, you can gain back the confidence that may have waned. You can be yourself again.

How It Works

Once the decision is made for you to receive dentures, our team will take an impression of your mouth and have dentures custom-made to fit you just right. Dr. Nance will determine which type of denture will be right for you. There are a few types of dentures, including the following:

Conventional Dentures | A conventional, or full, denture will be placed in your mouth once all damaged teeth have been removed and the gums have healed.
Immediate Dentures | These are used after teeth have been extracted. Immediate dentures are placed in the mouth while the gums heal from the extraction procedure.
Partial Dentures | If you have some natural teeth that can be preserved, a partial denture may be right for you. This type of denture is created with a metal framework that connects to your remaining natural teeth.

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